“SPÓJNIA” Hodowla i Nasiennictwo Ogrodnicze Spółka z o.o.  ("Spójnia" Plant Breeding and Seed Production Ltd.) seated  in Nochowo is a plant breeding  and seed production company with almost 100 years of tradition and owned  in 100% by the Agricultural Property Agency. We are primarily engaged in creative and conservative breeding of vegetable crops, seed production as well as packaging and sale of seeds of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Our mission is to consistently implement quality-oriented  policies in an effort to achieve high quality products  and customer satisfaction as well as a good company image. Using our experience dating back to 1917 as well as  modern cutting-edge technologies and techniques of plant breeding, we strive to provide the highest quality products. The varieties we bred feature qualities searched by different groups of customers and are tailored to the climate and soil  conditions of Poland and the countries in our climate zone.

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