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Tunnel Grown Cucumber

  • Very early variety, starts to produce fruit in the following periods:

Early spring         -   after approximately 55 days as of the sowing date

Late spring          -   after 45 - 50 days as of the sowing date

Autumn               -   after approximately 40 days as of the sowing date

  • Fruits are dark green and 12 cm long (10-14 cm in length)

with numerous large warts and a slightly ribbed skin.

Compact flesh, firm fruits – retain validity over long periods of time.

Plants have a considerably strong growth habit and produce almost exclusively female flowers.

  • We recommend it for greenhouse and plastic tunnel cultivation,

for spring and autumn cultivation,

both in natural and artificial soil.

Resistant to powdery mildew (Erysiphe cichoracearum.)

Very tasty both when used in salads as well as a low-salt cucumber.

  • Winner of Gold Medal at Polagra Fair.
  • When cultivated in autumn, it requires preventive action against downy mildew (and, if necessary, intervention.)

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